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Izeta Sidra natural - Organic natural cider

From organic production, eco certification CPAEN ES-ECO-026-VAS

A tart, dry, wildly fermented apple cider from the Basque region of Spain. Ist is productd from more that 30 old apple varieties.

It is naturally fermented (without gas), low-grade (5-7 degrees), fruity-colored reddish to straw.

Alc. 6% Vol.

From organic production, eco certification ES-ECO-026-VAS

Ingredientes: 100% organic apple juice, carbonization and sulphites.

Allergens: Contains sulphites

Total acidity (TH2): 3.67 g/l.
Volatile acidity (Acético): 0.31 g/l.
D-Glucose + D-fructose <0.20g/l
Saccharose <0.20g/l
Apfel-Milchsäure-Gärung <0.20g/l
citric acid 20g/l
PH: 3.75

Producer: Sidrería Izeta, Elkano Auzoa 4, Urdaneta bidea, 20840 AIa (Gipuzkoa)Spain

Importer: Maria Teresa Amuchastegui / Spanien-Shop, Blutenburgstrasse 98, 80636 München, Germany ÖKOP DE-ÖKO-037

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