Pisco is a grape brandy made from special grape varieties, which differents in 4 non-aromatic (Quebranta, Negra Criolla, Mollar, Uvina) and 4 aromatic varities (Italia, Torontel, Moscatel, Albilla). In Peru the making of Pisco has a long tradition since the 16th century. It is destilled from the must of "Pisco grapes", while no rectification (re-destillation) is allowed.

Three levels of Piscos are known: Puro (pure, only 1 variety), Mosto verde (partially fermented must, "green" must), Acholado (blended, multivarietal). Famously known is Pisco Sour, a cocktail typically made from Pisco Quebranta, lime juice, ice  and egg white.